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Volume 7, Issue 5                                                                   September 2022
The first week of school is usually a crazy time but hopefully by now everyone has settled back into a routine and the craziness has subsided.
The 47th annual Wharton County Youth Fair is only about 200 days away! Remember the Fair is going to be one month earlier than normal. Fair dates are March 23 through April 1 and the cook-off will be March 17 & 18. Mark your calendars.

The Livestock & Poultry Exhibitor and the Creative Arts Rulebooks are available on line. Visit our web site to download your copy.
There are a few changes in the livestock rulebook this year, most notably that certain species will be subject to DNA testing. Tail hairs will be pulled on commercial heifers, steers, lambs, goat and pigs at tag-in. The hair follicles will be placed in an envelope and sealed. The exhibitor, parent, AST or 4H leader and the technician pulling the hair will all sign off on the envelope. The envelopes will be stored with a third-party entity. See Rule #3 in the general rules for further details. This is a lot of new information to take in, so please feel free to call (677-3350) or email ( the Fair office with any questions!

Online registration link for Livestock/Poultry is live. Click here to access the site. Online payments will be accepted! Don’t forget exhibitors will still need to print off a copy, acquire all necessary signatures and bring to tag-in along with the entry fee (unless paid online).
Saturday, September 10 – Steer & Commercial heifer tag-in (fairgrounds)
8 to 9 a.m. -  $30/head entry fee

Monday, October 17 - Jr. Fair Board meeting
7 p.m. - Director's Room

Saturday, October 22– Pen of Three tag-in (Wharton Livestock Auction Barn)
8 to 10 a.m. - $30 entry fee for first 3 head; an additional $30 for anything 4 or 5
Saturday, October 29 - Dairy Merit Heifer Validation (fairgrounds)         
8 to 9 a.m. - $30 entry fee
We still have several exhibitor’s sale checks we are holding for not turning in thank you notes or whose parents have an outstanding balance. If you have not received your sale check, please call the office and check on the status of your check.
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